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Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

We specialise in getting you back to your best following a surgical procedure

At Pall Mall Physio our team specialise in assisting our clients in returning to optimal strength, function and mobility after surgery.

Our physiotherapists work along side some of the UKs leading orthopaedic consultants and share their knowledge base for post-surgical rehabilitation.

Pall Mall Physio our tem of leading physiotherapists attend regular clinical updates to ensure we remain up to date with surgical advances. We are passionate about working closely with our patients consultants to ensure we can provide the pinpoint accuracy when providing recommended treatment programmes, to help make sure everything is tailored towards the individual’s needs. It’s not a rarity to see us observing our clients surgical procedures to ensure we know as much as possible about the treatment so we can continue to deliver our expert care throughout the rehabilitation period safe in the knowledge we have full coverage of the patients needs.

Dependant on the surgical procedure the rehabilitation process can be long & with focused treatment and exercise, patients can reduce recovery time significantly. Rehabilitation is unique for each surgery, but normally involves a graduated strengthening programme in conjunction with specific hands-on techniques to restore correct joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

We create individual treatment plans and practical goals that aim to restore a normal life and in most cases improve your level of pre surgery strength and fitness.

If you would like to discuss the rehabilitation process with one of our therapists then please get in touch.