5 Benefits To a Sports Massage

5 Surprising Benefits to a Sports Massage

Sportsmen swear by them, but how can a sports massage help you get the most out of your training?

If you’re a sportsman, a regular gym goer or even a bit of a fitness novice we break down the reasons why a sports massage can help you get more out of your fitness routine…

DOMS? They really can slow you down

To those who know, I guess we don’t need to say any more… To those who don’t DOMS stand for Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness & can be a real… well, pain. In short, DOMS are the pain you feel the day (or couple) after a workout. Have you ever had a heavy leg day & then dreaded walking down the stairs afterwards? Well, that, my friend, is a classic example of DOMS & if you haven’t got any time for DOMS a sports massage is just the thing for you. By encouraging blood & lymph flow & further reducing muscle fatigue a sports massage can help banish the much dreaded DOMS & furthermore helping to speed up recovery time between sessions. So, if you haven’t got the time to be limping round between sessions, it might be just the thing for you.

Time to bend

It may feel great at the time (& even the few hours afterwards) but training hard does have some negative effects on your body, even if the endorphins are telling you otherwise. The wear & tear of constantly putting your body through the mill has lasting effects on the body & the limiting of muscle elasticity is one of them. In short this leads to muscles losing their flexibility & furthermore tightening up, leading people to see a plateau in their performance or training. By introducing regular sports massage into ones training regime it encourages the stretching of muscle tissue to help reverse this effect on the body & furthermore it has been known to help boost sportspersons performance.

…And breathe

It’s not all physical when it comes to the benefits of a sports massage, but they can actually help with stress & pain relief! The process of a sport massage involves a release of endorphins (and you only thought they happened during exercise hey!) which helps combat stress & pain levels! So, it’s not only good for the body but also pretty good for the mind too!

Scar tissue ain’t no issue

Everyone’s body goes through the mill from time to time, & more people than not have the battle wounds to show. Scar tissue can effect the muscles, tendons & ligaments & therefore can really impede on performance by restricting flexibility of the muscles its attached to. A sports massage helps to breakdown this scar tissue and thus helping to breakdown any negative effects it has.

But it’s all about the hands on approach

There’s no doubting the positive effects a sports massage has on the body, however it must be caveated with the effectiveness of the person giving it. A good sports masseuse is worth their weight in gold & they’re hands can help your performance no end. However, its always worth looking at who they work with & how they’re knowledge can help you. At Pall Mall Physio, our sports masseuses work within professional sport settings (football, rugby, professional boxing to name but a few!) and come with a wealth of hands on experience. What we ensure is that our team work closely with our physiotherapy team to ensure a detailed handover from treatment to treatment which ensures a truly bespoke end to end treatment.

Here at Pall Mall Physio we are passionate about your wellbeing, so if you want to see how we can help you why not drop us a line here or even look at our clinics & book in directly!


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