8 Truths About Your Back Pain

Here at Pall Mall Physio the MOST common we see is back pain

Hands up if you have had back pain.

Due to being located in the city centre and based in a gym we get office workers to powerlifters attending with back issues

Our Chartered Physiotherapists are are experts at dealing with back pain.

Below I outline Our top 6 tips when dealing with back pain

1. THERE IS NOTHING OUT OF PLACE. We here it far too often with people attending having being told their pelvis is out of place or there spine has popped out. This would be a very rare and serious condition. The most common cause of back pain is joint stiffness and muscle spasm
If you get back pain.

2. DO NOT REST UP IN BED. The natural inclination is not ot move understandably but evidence now shows that movement is an essential part of the recovery process getting you back to normal quicker.

3.SLEEP IS VITAL. Sleep is a key component in the recovery process. Often people with back pain struggle to sleep and this is where the appropriate pain relief can help you recover and get some rest. The Im not taking pain relief as it masks the pain can be counterproductive.

4. GET MOVING. Exercise is ok once is graded and you allow time between sessions. Quite often we see fear avoidance from those who are suffering from back pain. Exercise is now known to be one of the best ways of managing back pain. Keeping the muscles conditioned and the general feeling of positivity associated with exercise is known to assist with positive outcomes.

5. MRI scans are rarely needed. Quite often people will look to get an MRI scan from their GP and it can lead to frustration as the GPs dont want to refer for MRIs and often this is the correct call. One of the key considerations for me before sending someone for a scan is will it change the management. A good chartered physiotherapist like those at Pall Mall Physio should be able to advise you of the most likely cause of your pain and guide you on the need for a scan or not.

6. PAIN DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN MORE DAMAGE. The body can become sensitive to stimulus so if you have had this pain before it can perceive pain is pending and lead to you feeling more uncomfortable. This is where trying to move normally is vital and getting the right exercises and treatment from a chartered physio is vital

7. In VERY FEW CASES IS SURGERY REQUIRED. Spinal surgery is a big undertaking and not a decision taken lightly. Your medical professional will advise you if they think its indicated but dont get frustrated if they try to steer you away from i, quite often there are other options. The real challenge is seeing the right people to help you get moving again.

8. You may have had back pain in the LONG TERM but it can get better. Most people suffer flare ups and they come x 1-2 per year. A good physiotherapist will look at all of the potential influencing factors to your pain. Being given a couple of stretches of having a massage is not always the answer and looking at lifestyle, fitness levels, stress etc etc can help the management.

Here at Pall Mall Physio we now offer a Back Pain management course to get you back fit and active.

Patrick Mulligan
Chartered Physiotherapist
Pall Mall Physio

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