What is a Deep Tissue Massage? Here at Pall Mall Physio we have trained therapists who carry out deep tissue and sports massage. They use a range of techniques to mobilsie and manipulate the muscles. Sessions on average last between 30 and 60 minutes and involve a thorough history around the problem that you present [...]

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Myofascial Dry Cupping coming to Pall Mall Physio

Here at Pall Mall Physio our aim is to get you feeling better and moving better. So with this being our aim we are introducing a new modality to our range of treatments. Myofascial Dry Cupping (MDC).   Made famous at the Olympics by the circular bruising on Micheal Phelps shoulder, MDC has become very [...]

7 Tips on Improving your Achilles Pain

Suffering from Achilles Pain? Here at Pall Mall Physio Liverpool we are seeing more and more cases of achilles pain and in particular tendinopathy so thought you might find some of this info useful. You probably know someone with achilles pain or indeed had it yourself It could have been grumbling for a long time [...]

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5 Top Tips for Recovery After the Half Marathon

Physio Tips For Recovery After the Liverpool Half Marathon: There's few things better than the culmination of those months of toil, pounding the treadmill, traversing the roads and in some cases having a love/hate relationship with your Physio. Crossing the line after the Half Marathon is a moment to be proud of. Running is the [...]

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Dispelling Some Myths Around a Diagnosis Of Arthritis

Dispelling Some Myths Around a Diagnosis Of Arthritis Have you been told that you have arthritis? Know someone who has? Or simply want to know a little bit more about Arthritis? Well I breakdown some of the more common myths surrounding Arthritis Arthritis is a very common condition and affecting a large percentage of the [...]

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Preventing Injuries In The Work Place

Preventing Injuries in the Workplace Injuries in the workplace can be a huge issue going relatively unnoticed. In this blog we break down some key facts & ways to cut down easily avoidable & common injuries in the workplace Before we jump in to preventing injuries in the workplace, a few fun facts to set [...]

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Why Acupuncture Could Be For You

Why Acupuncture Could Be For You Even though it’s been around for over 3000 years we breakdown a few less obvious reasons why acupuncture could just be for you… Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese treatment which has been in use for well over 3000 years, but it still remained a fairly unexplored treatment in the [...]

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The Physio Who Needed Physio: Part 1

The Physio Who Needed Physio: Part 1 What happens when the experts need help? A look in to what happens when a physiotherapist needs surgery written from the eyes of our very own lead physiotherapist Patrick Mulligan Ah, the irony. Those 6 years in University spent studying Human Physiology and then Physiotherapy, promptly followed by [...]

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