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Ian Knowles


Ian has spent the last 16 years working full time in the NHS within the Radiology departments and its varying diagnostic imaging procedures as well as the physiotherapy department and its many specialist teams. Throughout this time spent within the primary care setting he has worked closely with the radiographers and radiologists in the areas of MRI, CT, DEXA, GAMMA camera and PET scanning, Ultrasound, X-ray and fluoroscopy imaging and following procedures. Since qualifying as a Physiotherapist in 2011, Ian has rotated through varying  specialist areas of physiotherapy including Respiratory, Orthopaedics, Elderly medicine, Stroke and acute stroke, Vascular, Gastro-esophageal, Mental health, Neurology and Neuro surgery, Intensive care, Musculo-skeletal injury and Hydrotherapy departments working closely with the complex patient in each area. Assessing and rehabilitating each unique patient and enjoying the vast case load that this type of setting would deliver.

For the last 2 years , Ian has dedicated additional time to working within the private sector and has divided this additional work into Musculo-Skeletal injuries and Medical legal referrals. As well as the wealth of experience given by the years of service and training within the NHS, Ian has also gained an additional skills in Acupuncture, Specific sports taping, instrument assisted Myofascial release techniques as additional modalities to aid in a patients recovery journey.

Now a full time practitioner within the private sector and working closely with Chiropractors and physiotherapists with a background in high level sports athletes. The many years spent treating a vast number of complex patients has given him a detailed understand of anatomy and physiology and its forever changing presentations has shown to be invaluable when assessing, clinically reasoning and rehabilitating each individual patient.

“The body is an amazing machine and by knowing how it has evolved to move and function is essential in returning good health and longevity of function post injury”