Myofascial Dry Cupping coming to Pall Mall Physio

Here at Pall Mall Physio our aim is to get you feeling better and moving better. So with this being our aim we are introducing a new modality to our range of treatments. Myofascial Dry Cupping (MDC).   Made famous at the Olympics by the circular bruising on Micheal Phelps shoulder, MDC has become very [...]

The Physio Who Needed Physio: Part 1

The Physio Who Needed Physio: Part 1 What happens when the experts need help? A look in to what happens when a physiotherapist needs surgery written from the eyes of our very own lead physiotherapist Patrick Mulligan Ah, the irony. Those 6 years in University spent studying Human Physiology and then Physiotherapy, promptly followed by [...]

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