Why Acupuncture Could Be For You

Why Acupuncture Could Be For You

Even though it’s been around for over 3000 years we breakdown a few less obvious reasons why acupuncture could just be for you…

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese treatment which has been in use for well over 3000 years, but it still remained a fairly unexplored treatment in the West until recent years. We’re here to breakdown some of the more effective uses for it & why acupuncture could just be for you.

Acupuncture… huh!… What is it good for?

Well, (almost) absolutely everything! From neck pain & post-operative care to headaches, sciatica & even morning sickness the list of conditions which acupuncture can help with is a pretty long one. Typically people believe that acupuncture is only used for muscular or skeletal issues, (which it is extremely effective for). However there are a lot of conditions which acupuncture is hugely successful in treating such as eye, ear, nose and throat disorders, addictions (such as smoking, drugs & alcohol) & respiratory disorders and even some emotional & psychological disorders.

Why is acupuncture so effective?

When used in traditional Chinese medicine the use of acupuncture was designed to help regulate the flow of the body’s natural energy (or “qi” as it was known) through specific pathways called meridians. If these pathways became blocked then the natural balance was therefore disturbed & the build up from these blockages would lead to pain or illness. The Chinese traditionally believed that the use of acupuncture would relieve the build-up of qi & allow the body to promote its self-healing properties.
In modern science it has been proven that acupuncture has positive effects on the body’s nervous system which helps to alleviate pain. In addition to this acupuncture have also been proven to help aide digestion & promote a better nights sleep.

So, acupuncture is pretty cool hey? If you want to know how acupuncture can help you then why not check out the services we offer here [link to /acupuncture] or simply get in touch with one of our Liverpool based acupuncture specialists here today [link to contact].

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